Join us

Why Join Us?

Meet graduate women from different disciplines at branch meetings and outings, with fruitful exchanges of ideas.

Make submissions on contentious issues, with the backing of a group that has an established reputation for well considered views, both nationally and internationally.

Network with other women’s groups at National Council of Women or Zonta meetings.

Be involved in the governance of a small business which makes significant charitable donations, or volunteer practical assistance.

Keep in touch with the world of new graduates at our awards functions, and hear about their research.

Take part in specialist interest groups such as the book group, or the writers’ group, or the Public Affairs Convenor (PAC) group discussing topical matters over lunch.

Attend national or international conferences in the company of like-minded women, where stimulating lectures and workshops are interspersed with home hospitality from the hostess group, and niche tours in the local area.

Do I qualify for membership?

If you graduated from a university or comparable institution with a degree we welcome you to full membership.

If you hold a diploma equivalent to 2/3 of a degree, associate membership may be appropriate.

If you are an undergraduate student you may join us as a student member – our membership secretary will advise if you are uncertain.

What does it cost?

Full Membership – $95

Associate membership – $50

Student Membership – $25 (for students at all levels of study)

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